Success Stories

Dr. Ambrish Joshi
Assistant Vice President - Healthcare and Life Sciences, Smart Decision Services at GENPACT LLC

“Having interacted with Manjari during national forums and symposiums, I have always found her to be a well-informed and experienced nutritionist. She has significantly contributed to the knowledge exchange initiatives and activities through her active participation. She infuses positivity and compliance in her patients leading to their well-being and better nutritional status. Her knowledge of nutritional products and their formulation and implication is worth appreciating.”

Swadeep Srivastava: MD and CEO
VIA Media Health Delhi

“Manjari is a very dynamic and talented person. She is admired by her colleagues and clients because of her calm and gentle demeanor, strong interpersonal skills and professional competence. She has successfully handled several projects VIA Media and has played the key role in KOL management and development of brand promotion strategies and consumer communication material.”

Prateek Nagaraj
Software Engineer: Team Lead WIPRO Hyderabad

“Manjari has greatly helped me to manage my elevated blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels through dietary modifications. She encouraged me to make healthy food choices and also persuaded me to do the right amount of physical activity to keep my heart and body fit. Really, by following her advice and tips I have experienced a positive change in my health as well as vitality and my dosage of cholesterol and hypertension medications has been steadily going down.”

Vanchana Tripathi
Founder and Owner: Pink Lime Salons

“More than a consultant nutritionist, Manjari is a mentor and close friend to me. A constant motivator, she has helped me to make several positive changes in my eating habits and lifestyle.”

Malvika Ahlawat
Author and Subject matter expert: Physics

“For years I have been suffering from insulin dependent diabetes. Manjari greatly supported me in my treatment by providing guidance about diabetes diet, healthy lifestyle and the significance of following a regular routine.”

Dr. Rajeshwari Janakiraman
Consultant Endocrinologist: Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Bangalore

“Cases of juvenile diabetes are very challenging when it comes to dietary control and keeping kids away from sweets and candies can be very tough for the parents. The efforts Manjari put in preparing diet plans for juvenile diabetes patients and the way she educated and counselled the
parents made a great difference in managing their condition.”

Dr. Kartik Rao
Consultant Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia: Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Bangalore

“Manjari is a resourceful and competent nutritionist. Her contribution in public health awareness campaigns, medical conferences and forums is commendable. Her understanding of critical care and the importance of feeding patients in the ICU has helped in the recovery of my patients. I also credit her for the thorough knowledge on enteral and parentral nutrition.

Dr. Naresh Bhatt
Senior Consultant and Head of Department Gastroentorology and Liver Diseases: Columbia Asia
Referral Hospital Bangalore

“Manjari was a great support to my patients, especially to those who suffered from celiac disease and lactose intolerance who require special diets. She also gained lot of experience in counselling patients with liver disease and their special dietary intake.

Dr. Sunil Rao
General Manager: Columbia Asia Hospital Pune

“Manjari’s achievements as a Chief Dietitian and Department Head at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital are commendable. During her tenure, Manjari successfully brought up the Dietetics Department to meet the standards of NABH accreditation. She developed and implemented protocols and standardized service delivery procedures to ensure smooth functioning of both the dietary department and cafeteria.”

Dr. J. Kumar
Senior Neurosurgeon, Ex. Director Neurosurgery: MAX Hospital Delhi

“Manjari is a very gentle, good-natured and prudent person. She is an able and dedicated professional. Her rich experience in the hospital industry and corporate sector and her contribution as a regular speaker and participant in seminars and workshops on medical education speaks volumes about her calibre.”

Dr. Sanjay Pai
Consultant Pathologist and Head of Pathology Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Bangalore

“Manjari is a very courteous and warm-hearted person who is highly competent in her field. The way she managed the Dietary Department and Cafeteria at Columbia Asia Referral Hospital was really remarkable. She was always praised for her patient dealing skills and expertise.”

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