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September 24, 2018by admin

Do you carry extra weight around your belly, hips or thighs?
Do you crave for sweet, chips or caffeinated beverage at least once a day?
Do you sleep too much or too little?
Are you tired or lethargic all day?
If the answer is YES! You may be one amongst millions of people who are suffering from a health problem that is now an epidemic in our country. Your doctor might have diagnosed you with one of many seemingly different diseases. He may have said you have:
Insulin resistance Obesity
Pre-diabetes Adult onset diabetes
Metabolic syndrome Type 2 diabetes
What he probably didn’t tell you is that ALL of these conditions are basically the same thing–just with varying degrees of severity and the same underlying cause. And because they all are the same condition, the treatment for all of them is also almost the same.
That is why conventional diagnoses have been replaced by a new name that defines this spectrum of health problems more accurately. The term is Diabesity — the condition of metabolic imbalance and disease that ranges all the way from mild blood sugar imbalance to full blown diabetes, the predisposing cause for which is obesity. Diabesity is a two-part concept. The first part is that obesity drives the diabetes epidemic. The second part is that obesity and diabetes are critically linked.

The Problems with Diabesity Treatment–Symptoms, Not Causes
The reason that our current approach to treating diabesity fails is because it focuses on treating the symptoms or risk factors of the disease rather than the causes.Our
complete attention is on the treatments that include:

  • Lower blood sugar (diabetes drugs and insulin)
  • Lower high blood pressure (anti-hypertensive drugs)
  • Lower cholesterol (statins)
  • Thin the blood (aspirin).

But we never ever ask the most important question: Why are the blood sugar, blood pressure, or blood cholesterol too high and why the blood is too sticky and likely to clot?
Put another way: What are the root causes of Diabesity?
Using medication or surgery to treat symptoms like imbalanced blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the other complications of diabetes is like mopping up the floor while the sink overflows.
In truth, diabetes, elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol are simply downstream symptoms that result from problems with our diet, lifestyle and environmental toxins interacting with our unique genetic susceptibilities. These are the real causes of diabesity. Unfortunately, very few are actually taking out time to treat them.
We’ve been led to believe that if we have a family history of a “Genetic Disorder” it is essentially a condition over which we have no control. The truth is totally quite different. The causes essentially include:

  • Poor diet
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress

The real solution is a comprehensive diet and lifestyle program. The optimal diet to prevent and treat diabesity should include: Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Whole grains, Healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts, avocados, and omega-3 fats and modest amounts of lean animal protein including small fishes and egg whites.
Fortunately, there are few simple steps you can take to ensure prevention of what experts are calling the largest epidemic the world has ever faced. They include:

  • Optimize Nutrition: Eat mostly plant foods, cut back on refined carbs and sugary drinks, and choose healthy fats, keep regular meal and snack times( do not starve, do not feast) Add roughage or bulk to your diet, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. In general, the more natural and unprocessed the food is, better it will be. Replace deep frying, with grill, boil, bake, or stir-fry.
  • Balance your hormones: Sleep on time, get up early, meditate and yes smile more often.
  • Boost Energy Metabolism: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. There is no alternative to physical activity.
  • Calm your mind: Relax, Breathe, Meditate, play with your children, share a joke and let all your stress fade away
    Diabesity is a complex condition of many clinical parameters gone wrong….but the solution is simple…just eat good food and sweat it out…go play!!


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